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last minute girls trip: my week in Cabo

As some of you may know, I decided to do the typical college Cabo trip for spring break. Was it worth it? Debatable lol. After that trip, I immediately felt like I wanted to re-do Cabo because it is such a beautiful place, and I didn't get to relaaax and soak in paradise like I would on a quality vacay. As BFF Emily explains, "the beach on spring break was standing room only" -- no joke guys, it really was. We were also con'd into staying at the most ratchet hotel, low moment.

After graduating, we thought that a girls trip was a necessity and Cabo was in the price range. I was so excited to re-do our time in Cabo. I was mainly happy to just be able to lay out on the beach with a margarita in hand. It is safe to say that Cabo 2.0 was a win.


- Keep the girls trip, a girls trip... what I liked so much more about Cabo this time around is that it was a girls trip. No boys to stress you out and I got to spend my beach days makeup-free!!

- Get a ride - make sure to always have a safe ride around the city, BFF Jules is an angel and organized us a ride to and from the hotel. We asked the hotel to help us grab a cab too so we could eat lunch at our fave restaurant one of the days. Always make sure you can get to-and-from anywhere safely.

- All inclusive, if you're young like us--and not on a family vacay, I would totally do an all inclusive. We stayed at Riu Palace, which I originally found out about through watching some beauty vlogger on Youtube years ago. It was great because kids were still in school, and the resort wasn't completely full--I think that's why we were able to easily book last minute. My favorite thing to order at every hour of the day was champagne.


- Do yourself a favor and eat at The Office on Medano Beach. So delish, get the shrimp caesar salad, they literally whip it out next to your table OR get the fish tacos... craving right now TBH...also their pina coladas are no joke.

- BRAIDS...get braids on the beach, I felt like kim k with my two braids in and they were so fun to have. Downside is that I had to take them out the next day fml because I had a job interview the next morning.


Overall, post-grad life isn't too bad. I am officially taking this month off and spending some time with family. Another trip is on the horizon and I am so excited (stay tuned for more posts). At the end of the month you'll see me back in LA moving into my very first apartment (yipppeee!).

Let's be friends. Stay chic.



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