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my week at home: SF

As you've seen on my Instagram and last blog post, I spent last week at home in San Francisco.

I booked my trip a few days before my flight out, so I quickly packed a bag with essentials and my go-to items. These items are my go-to's because they always work and leave me satisfied, I choose these items when I don't feel like experimenting. I'm all for looking put together when you're lounging--I don't need to be wearing block heels while I'm grabbing lunch with my parents but I do want to stay chic.

I love Chinatown in SF, it's chaotic and nuts but it is the closest thing to Hong Kong. It's authentic, and I feel like I'm in a city within a city. China Live just opened on Broadway and it's incredible, so sleek with different cuisine homages to China. This reminds me of Eataly but with Chinese cuisine. Amazing.

I'm wearing lululemon align leggings, a Ramones band tee from Brandy Melville, and my distressed CARMAR denim jacket from LF. All of these items are basic, but they always work. A Gucci Disco rests at my hip.


The next day I overslept... whoops, leaving me to grab a late lunch with Mommy Chic. I choose Korean, because Doobu in Japantown has the best spicy tofu soup. It's amaze.

We decided to checkout the Kimpton Buchanan because it was new to the neighborhood. I am again very casual in my go-to items. This sweater is unknown and vintage from my Grandmother's closet (she was about to donate it yet again), jeans are American Eagle, sunnies are Quay, shoes are Adidas, and Gucci Disco on hip again.


On my last day home, I went for a late lunch with Mommy Chic again to my favorite cafe in the city. As Quoted is in Presidio Heights and has incredible gluten-free bread that they make in-house... yum. I love their A+B (almond butter and bananas), BLT toast, and almond lattes. So so good.

I'll be back in SF next month, T god... more time to eat and roam around before employment kicks in.



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