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this is the end

This month of May has been crazy to say the least, all filled with many moments of realization and acceptance that I was ready for the college chapter of my life to close. TBH I never thought that I would be ready. A few weeks ago, I couldn't bare the thought of ending school, but now I'm completely find with it.

Of course I will miss going out on Tuesdays, the late night chapter meetings, buying dresses for formal, or even grabbing coffee on campus--the list goes on and on. These are my favorite memories, and maybe I'm okay with leaving because it was so great.

I moved to LA when I was 18, and now at 21 I find myself a completely different person. So much of life has changed, but as cheesy as it is: change is inevitable and life moves on. I can't help but feel anxious about what's to come next (this is the first time where I truly don't know what's next), but I'm also excited for what time will hold. I've learned that it's all about acceptance and building myself back up after feeling like I have nothing next.

I graduated college two days ago... insanity. Time moves too fast and all I want to do is go to SoulCycle and forget about everything.

Here's a collection of my favorite photos from the past week surrounding grad.

I am beyond thankful for all the love: cards, flowers, and additions to my closet. Above is my bedside table looking lovely.​ The candle above is diptyque, Gucci box holding my new disco (!!) and a wrapped up Goyard tote. The cute card is from Hallmark.

​Above: Champagne showers above with BFF Emily. I met Emily because we were in the same sorority. We're both matching, I'm in Zara and Stuart Weitzman, she is in Lily Pulitzer with Valentino.

Below: A snapshot from one of the most flattering photo booths of all time, thanks MirMir for the nice blur​.

​Below: And lastly, here's one of my favorite pics that has come from college. A group of the best girls out there, thanks to my sorority, Pi Beta Phi, for everything they've done for me​. These girls are literally the best.

So long, college. New chapters of still staying chic ahead.