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my first post: everyone needs some chic, please!!

Hi there!! I'm Sophia and this is the first post on my very own blog (so exciting)! After trying to start a blog last year, it grew stale because I never fully put my heart and soul into the idea. I realized I should try again and start writing and posting about things that I love. It's also 2017 and things seem a little harder than usual aka graduation is around the corner and for the first time in my life I'm going into another chapter with uncertainty. I have no idea what's to come in the real world besides leaving the best place ever--college, but I know that everyone has to grow up and I'm using this blog to document my journey (all while staying chic)!!! At 21, I realized that I just wanted to create something and then chic, please was born.

Follow my adventures through many glasses of rosé, great photos ops, avocado toast, and some fuego pairs of shoes.

Let's please stay in touch!!! xx SS